Triangle Plume Studs- Bronze

tiffany kunz

Los Angeles, CA

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  • Cast by hand out of reclaimed bronze in Los Angeles, CA, and finished with an organic coating to help protect from sensitivity and tarnish.

    • 1/2" Long
    • Polished satin finish
    • Meet the Designer

      From an early age, Tiffany Kunz was inspired by her grandmother’s creativity and expertise as a jewelry designer and lapidary. Tiffany pursued both these paths, earning a Graduate Gemologist Title while also learning the craft of metalsmithing. After honing her craft designing for other labels, Tiffany launched her own independent line in 2007. Since then, she has produced seasonal collections for Tiffany Kunz Jewelry, as well as created custom pieces for clothing lines, boutiques, television shows and movies.

      Eco-Conscious Approach

      Intrigued by the deconstruction of shapes, repetition and texture, Tiffany designs environmentally conscious pieces of jewelry. Her collections are cast from locally sourced, reclaimed metals, and accented with certified fair trade stones, which are then finished by hand in her studio in Los Angeles, CA. She strives to create artful pieces in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner. All her supplies, from pricing tags, look books and business cards to shipping parcels and jewelry pouches, are made from renewable resources or recycled materials.


      In addition to her signature line, Tiffany guest designs for Raven and Lily, a social business dedicated to empowering impoverished women worldwide through design partnerships and micro-enterprise opportunities. Tiffany helps develop new jewelry designs that are then hand made by women in Co-ops throughout the world. To see their designs and learn more about Raven and Lily and the talented women in the co-op, please visit

    Type: jewelry

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