Safe Word

  • Safe Word, Donald Dunbar’s second collection of poetry, acts as a tonic against spiritual death. This book is the kompromat of the undersoul, the blotter paper in the plea deal, a crystal jutting out of the center of an otherwise-innocent forehead. Dunbar chops, screws, solders, and sutures forms of thought and feeling into abominations you might just fall in love with, and be consumed by. Never be bored again.

    PUBLICATION DATE : July 1, 2017

    ISBN : 978-0-9987362-3-5

    BINDING : Smyth sewn, paperback

    TRIM SIZE : 6.75 x 9.25 inches

    PAGE COUNT : 135 pages

    COVER ART : Flower (Polaroid) © 2005 Nobuyoshi Araki