Dovetail Brass Chair

codor design

Seattle, WA

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  • The Dovetail Brass Chair gets it's name from it's uniquely antiqued brass finish and the finely etched dovetail details, a form of joinery traditionally used in woodworking. Measures approximately 24.5 inches by 29.5 inches and 26 inches deep with a seat height of 18.5 inches.

    *Shipping costs for furniture and other large items can vary significantly by customer location. If you'd like an estimate before making your purchase, please send us an email and we'll be happy to work with you.
  • Trained as a classical painter, and now an interior designer, co-founder Tamara Codor started her career as a studio artist and decorative painter. She sees the composition of one’s surrounding as much like a living painting. Her approach to interior design resonates with the same freedom and creativity as a work of art. Tamara sees every new project as a chance to push the boundaries of form and composition while always retaining a refined elegance.

    Partnering with Sterling Voss, furniture designer and owner of Sterling Woodwork they experiment with his strong background in traditional woodworking techniques and finishes in sustainable materials. Together they are committed to furthering an eco ethic in the world of luxury goods and commercial design.

Type: Home

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