NUBE opened in 2009, following a two-week visit by founder Ruth True to China. Ready to invest in local artists, U.S. manufacturing, and the kind of ingenuity born from solving design challenges with limited materials, Ruth founded a mercantile where creativity, green living, and local flavor abound. NUBE spent 9 years as presence for goods online and in Seattle's Capitol Hill storefront. In 2018 Nube closed in order to regroup, refresh it's ethos and purpose, and get ready for the next project!


Made in the U.S. from repurposed and organic materials, our unique inventory makes 'going green' a little easier by providing choices that support local artisans, eliminate new materials and overseas manufacturing.
Even 'U.S. Made' isn't enough when it comes to environmental impact and being green. NUBE follows the sustainability of materials, sourcing, manufacture for each of our products.From our best-selling bags to our in-store display fixtures, every item NUBE stocks is made from sustainable materials, sourced AND crafted in the United States. It's a step we're taking to support the planet and our local economy.







What is NUBE's mission: 

We want to connect people with the sources of the goods they buy and grow support for local craft and sustainable production. We like to think of ourselves as locavores of the retail world!

What types of items do you carry:  












Our totally U.S.-sourced, milled, and made inventory includes sustainable home wares, crafty gifts, artisan furniture, clothing basics and couture, enchanting kids goods, handmade bags and jewelry. We love hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind designs and products that repurpose materials in innovative ways.

Can you tell me about NUBE home?

Our own NUBE HOME line features refurbished vintage and collectible furnishings by Blanket, the brain child of Maresa Patterson. Textiles like Pendleton wools and Swiss Army blankets find new life on vintage and antique arm chairs, settees, and upholstered benches. Plush plaids, cozy cushions and rich woods enliven the collection, like our in our mid-century Modern Swoop armchair in a chocolate wool and alpaca with a 1950's plaid stadium blanket. Ready-mades and custom designs are all hand crafted
in Seattle.

What do you look for when acquiring items for your showroom: 

Aside from being U.S. sourced and made, we look for unique and hand-crafted pieces with regional character or an innovative use of materials. Our pendant light fixtures are hand-cut from discarded cardboard, and their stacked layers create beautiful striations and shadows when lit. It's really an elegant design for a recycled product.

What made you want to open a showroom like NUBE: 

My family has always supported the art and design community, but it took a two-week trip to China for me to realize that I wanted to create a practical marketplace for small-scale production and designs by artists close to home. We opened at the downswing of the recession with
a focus on artisans working to preserve traditional craft and expand design in innovative ways. Directly supporting artisans from our own backyard (and a bigger national neighborhood!) also gives our customers access to unique and special pieces that they wouldn't have access to otherwise, imbued with a lot of local character, that creates an unusual shopping experience. It turns objects into stories.