Liberty is committed to and respects the American Dream. It started with our great, great, great grandparents. They did what needed to be done; they helped those in need; they made life better. These lessons were learned, kept, fought and even died for. That's what we are doing. We promote people, not profit; we protect the environment, not harm it; we make high quality, long lasting, artistically enhanced bottles we all can be proud of. With Liberty, life is better.

Liberty is dedicated to preserving the environment and cares about people. Our bottles are made with recyclable material and are entirely recyclable. We are committed to developing new processes in design and fabrication that will make our products last longer and consume less waste. We recognize and promote the importance of art by using highly skilled graphic artists to create distinctly unique bottle designs. We help support organizations and people, by contributing
locally and hiring those who have served our country.

Environmental Stewardship is part of our DNA at Liberty. From day one, we have strived to be a zero waste manufacturing facility. We are closing in on a 96% diversion rate. How do we do it? Not simply. We built a factory that uses Super E Motors, Infrared Energy and Vacuum Recovery Units. We filter and reuse our own water three times. We recycle our own scrap. We repurpose nearly everything. One tour of the factory and you’ll know what we mean.Liberty Bottles are made durable with high grade recyclable aluminum. We continue to develop new processes in design and fabrication to make our products last longer and make less scrap. Being US made, and by using US sourced materials helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

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