Laura Lombardi

Laura Lombardi creates jewelry in her Brooklyn studio out of hand-sourced vintage and repurposed materials. The qualities and history of the materials she uses, mostly vintage brass and copper, inspire each of her limited-edition pieces. Since launching her label in 2010, she’s carefully selected the materials that make up each of her designs. 
The contemporary look of her collection honors the simplicity of the materials she uses, giving her jewelry a raw, pared-down feel. She combines minimalism and femininity to evoke a classic and ageless quality to each of her pieces--exploring such themes as repetition, symmetry, mysticism, iconography and classical art in her collections.
Laura grew up in New York City and spent a portion of her upbringing in Italy. Her aesthetic merges both her New York and Italian backgrounds combining classical Italian imagery and history—think castle ruins, catacombs,  architectural details, and medieval and renaissance artwork—with modern utility.
Today she constantly re-inspires herself and her jewelry line by traveling and exploring places that invigorate her need to create. These experiences help her to make each piece of jewelry effortlessly unique, complete with a narrative all its own to be shared with the wearer.

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