A “knuckle kiss” is a punch in the kisser, but also a peck on the hand.  It’s with this tough and tender, hard and soft spirit that Knuckle Kiss handmakes its modern, everyday jewelry.

The collection strives for bold, structured forms balanced by the warmth and organic feel of handcrafted work. Knuckle Kiss mixes metals, plays with minimalism, and puts a fresh spin on classic jewelry styles. Above all, the collection embraces the beauty in imperfection.  

The pieces are made with a combination of traditional metalsmithing techniques and modern production methods. 

Each piece is made by hand in Seattle using recycled sterling silver, US-milled brass and nickel, and US-made chains and components. When employing outside manufacturers to help cut or cast designs, Knuckle Kiss works with small, independent studios based here in the US.

Canyon Hoops
Canyon Hoops $54.00
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Geo Hoop Earrings
Geo Hoop Earrings Sold Out - $50.00
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Desert Hoops
Desert Hoops $54.00
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