Socially and environmentally responsible, Further Products are derived from vegetable oil salvaged from top restaurants and purified into soap, lotion, and candles.

For years, Marshall, a guy who drove a bio-diesel fueled automobile and brought his own shopping bags to the market way before it was fashionable, picked-up depleted waste grease from some of Los Angeles' finest restaurants and converted it into biofuel in a make-shift lab inside the family garage.

One day his wife Megan, a former event planner for Vogue Magazine, walked into the garage and became alarmed at what her husband had accumulated: drums of glycerin, a byproduct of the biofuel distillation process. Megan stared at her grease-covered soul mate and lovingly suggested he clean up his act. That's when Marshall decided to take things one-step FURTHER.

Today, Marshall still picks-up waste grease from local restaurants and refines it in his garage. Megan has traded-in her SUV for a vintage diesel automobile and Marshall's biofuel now powers two family cars. And the soap made from Marshall's glycerin is returned to the bathrooms of the very restaurants from which it originated creating a perfect, sustainable circle. And now you can participate in this circle too. 

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