Ruth's Stream of Consciousness: Piloting a Local Business in an E-Commerce World

I've been thinking a lot about the growing success of e-commerce and its effect on our local businesses. What would happen to the neighborhood I grew up in if our dependable grocery store of 60 years (which I've been frequenting for the past 51) went out of business? I personally know that many residents here would be devastated. I depend on them for that last minute cilantro I forgot to grab at Whole Foods, or that load of Ice Cream my stoned sister is craving.

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March 24, 2014

August 30, 2010
NuBe Green just confirmed our suspicions that we are in the ideal green location. Not only are we in Seattle, a city focused on sustainable energy production, city-wide composting, bicycling and public transit, but we are in the most walkable section of the most walkable neighborhood. How do we know this? 

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February 07, 2013