NuBe Love: Jan Reingold

The driving force behind NuBe Green lies in the creative souls that make up our team, which is why we would love to introduce you to the irreplaceable Jan Reingold! Jan designs her own jewelry under the moniker Izanna Jewelry and also works at Tatters, but brings her talent and energy to NuBe once a week.

Jan is a wealth of inspiration, so we couldn’t resist asking her a few questions about the grittiness of Capitol Hill, the importance of implementing repurposed items in designs and why spending the day at NuBe never really feels like work.  

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May 08, 2014

Goods from the Hoods | Seattle, WA
NuBe Artisan Since 2009
U.S. Made, U.S. Sourced, Recycled or Repurposed Material, Made by Hand.

T.C. and Joel are probably the coolest craftsmen in Seattle. They make furniture and and kitchen goods from lath boards. Lath board is a thin strip of wood used behind walls in older homes.

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January 23, 2014