Metamorphic Gear | Seattle, WA
NuBe Artisan Since 2013
U.S. Made, U.S. Sourced, Recycled or Repurposed Materials, Made by Hand, Green for Good.

Metamorphic Gear constructs bags from repurposed truck tarpaulin, climbing rope, and sail material. We here at NuBe are huge fans!

Founder and creator, Lindsay Lawrence started the line after a trip to South America, where the residents’ creatively repurposed bags inspired his thinking. He tracks down truck tarps en route to the landfill and redirects them into his studio, where we met with him.

These tarps see a million miles on the back of a semi-truck before they end up in his studio where he reconstructs them to go a million more. He also keeps other materials from heading to the landfill as well, like the climbing rope used for handles and sail material used for liner. All these materials designed for durability are combined into one elegant bag. Aside from sourcing and assembling all of their bags in the U.S., Metamorphic Gear also donates a portion of their profits toward cleaning the oceans. Currently they are donating to Friends of Midway Atoll (FOMA) dedicated to cleaning and preserving the historical resources on the Hawaiian Midway Islands. Come check out the finished product at our Capitol Hill shop!

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