Check out this LA Times Article: "Advocates of collective consumerism oppose waste and want you to share your goods or just buy less. On the retailers' end, they are getting creative..."

Some highlights:

"Creating products capable of going full circle is an ephemeral and difficult task. A few companies now believe the solution is to eliminate apparel waste starting at the source, by urging consumers to shop less and take better care of their clothing."

"There's a similar philosophy of "fewer, better things" at San Francisco e-commerce company Cuyana, which asks consumers to carefully curate their closets with a few key pieces instead of buying on impulse. Using a strategy that co-founder Shilpa Shah calls "the retail version of farm-to-table," Cuyana goes to a single country to source fabric and manufacture garments for each collection. The strategy helps lower transportation costs, enabling the brand to keep prices low while maintaining quality."

Mike Pham
Mike Pham


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