March 7, 2010
One of our favorite things about NuBe is the customers. This morning we were blessed with some adorable ladies who let us take photos for the web store of them trying on pieces from our clothing line. [For the record, the woman writing this blog is the short brunette, & I'm not referring to myself in those terms!]

Every piece we carry is made with U.S.-grown cotton and/or up-cycled materials, and many items in our clothing line are one-of-a-kind. The clothing line covers all bases from sleek organic cotton dresses to impossibly sexy black jeans to unique statement pieces. As we get the web-store up & running, we're taking photos most days. If you have a clothing item from NuBe and love showing it off, why not stop by? We'll take a photo of you wearing it and broadcast to the world how fashionable & fun green can be.


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