February 12, 2010
NuBe Green carries an eclectic mix of household goods, gifts, clothing and art that reflect its deep commitment to sustainability. All products are US-made and -sourced, eco-friendly, and sustainably-made using materials that are renewable, recycled or repurposed.

  • Here is a taste of what you can find at NuBeGreen: clothing from US-grown/ milled and woven organic cotton, furniture made from local salvaged wood from downed urban trees, jewelry made from recycled metals, bags and wallets made from recycled bicycle inner tubes, furniture and accessories made of cardboard and dog bedsmade from recycled denim. Oh, and the ribbons for gift-wrapping are made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • While products touted as “US-made” are often only assembled in the US, NuBe Green’s products are made in the US from materials that are grown and/or sourced in the US.
  • NuBe Green’s offerings include the work of Seattle artists and artisans as part of its mission to support the localcommunity. In fact, roughly half of the shop’s vendors arelocated in the greater Seattle area. It’s all about keeping the“green” flowing through the local economy.
  • In addition to providing safe and sustainable products, NuBeGreen’s mission is to educate the public on the importance of buying green and how carefully-selected sustainable productsdiffer from conventional
  • NuBe Green takes a holistic approach to sustainability. Beyond worrying about the carbon footprint of its products, the NuBe team makes sure each and every vendor shares a similar mission, vision and values – especially when it comes to material reuse, supporting their local communities, and producing only the highest quality products.

Mike Pham
Mike Pham


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