Scavenger Hunt Update: Who's Winning + LOTS of New Point Values

Greetings NuBe Hunters! Just one week in, the response to our Scavenger Hunt has been incredible, with several teams across the country submitting entries ranging from haikus, to recommendations for fantastic US producers, to things Ryan Gosling would say if he thought like a NuBian. One person even went crabbing…in the buff. That’s a risky way to get 100 bonus points, but reports say all important parts are intact.

Having tracked entries for a week, we’re making a few changes to ensure overall fairness and to encourage ongoing creativity with entries:


1. New Point Values for Several Tasks

While the Goslingisms have been super popular, we want to see more jingles, theme songs, culinary creations, and makeshift maps of the USA. So we’ve increased the point values for those and other target tasks to entice you to roll up your sleeves and flex those creative muscles. New point values are highlighted in red on the Task List. Check it out!

2. New Limits on Supplier Tasks

We’re finding that it’s taking a while to vet each of the wonderful supplier suggestions we receive, so we’re capping entries for the #FillOutOurMap and #ShowUsTheGoods tasks at 5 each. Don’t worry; if you’ve already submitted entries for these categories, you’ll still get credit as long as they check out as eligible NuBe suppliers.

3. Bonus Points for Facebook Submissions

The #NuBeHunt has been doing great on Twitter and Instagram, but it’s quieter on Facebook. So we’re upping the ante by offering triple–that’s right, triple–points for the first three tasks your team submits on that platform. Remember to tag NuBe Green in the post, otherwise we won’t know you submitted it!


A few recent entries via Instagram:



  • *Looks like #TeamVashon really wants one of those mini-vacations, as they’re in the lead with a whopping 1,030 points (pending a few supplier eligibility checks)
  • *Next up is relative newcomer #TeamBurningWood, who are making it clear that they’re not going down without a fight. They’ve racked up 440 points in the shortest amount of time, making them a strong contender.
  • *Finally, #TeamSwopBoard’s strong start has them positioned in third place with 120 points.
To these leading teams, way to go! And if you’re just starting off, don’t be discouraged by the scores. Here's why: 
  1. There are several easy activities on the task list that will get you in the game
  2. As mentioned above, some of the point values have increased significantly.
  3. There's still over 3 weeks left in the Great NuBe Green Scavenger Hunt.
  4. Don’t forget, the top three teams choose from our prize list!
So get your team together and jump on in. There’s still lots of time to rack up points and make a run for one of the winning spots.

Happy Hunting!! 


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