Missing the "American Made" in World Cup Patriotism

The world's attention is on Brazil and the World Cup, but not everyone is focused on the ball. Interpol is closely monitoring flight lists, border crossings, and tickets, looking for criminals who can't resist cheering on their national team. (Jose Diaz Barajas, a suspected Mexican drug trafficker, has already been arrested.) Fashion bloggers around the world agree that, while Italy may not have the best chances for winning the World Cup, their three-piece Dolce & Gabbana suits have already won many hearts. NuBe, too, is fully engrossed in the World Cup and eagerly cheering on the United States, but as a store dedicated to products that are U.S Made and sourced, we can't help but be disappointed by our uniforms.

We weren't expecting the U.S team to disembark from their plane in formal wear, as the Italians did, but on the global stage the Italian's uniforms are proudly "Made in Italy" and bursting with National pride. The U.S uniforms? Not so much.

 The U.S team uniforms are made by Nike, and despite the fact that Nike has factories in the United States, they are imported. You may remember that the  Winter Olympic uniforms, made by Ralph Lauren, were U.S Made and sourced. That, though, only happened after a backlash from politicians and the public when the 2012 Summer Olympic uniforms were not U.S Made. Why aren't we seeing that kind of reaction regarding the World Cup uniforms? Do we not have the same National pride that Italy does in our own products, factories, and American workers?


That is not to say, that the Nike made uniforms are all bad. The uniforms feature fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Our sister company, NuBe 9,  is also an athletic wear line sourced from recycled plastic water bottles, but unlike Nike, NuBe 9 is all U.S Made and sourced. The price points are the same. Why then, are the U.S uniforms, representing the United States at the World Cup,made overseas? Nike is slated to have an increase in sales from World Cup Merchandize, wouldn't it be patriotic if American citizens could benefit from those sales too?







Liza Spears
Liza Spears


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