Would you pay $2,000 for your next iPhone?

...because that's roughly what it would cost if it were made in the U.S., according to this thought-provoking news piece from NPR's Marketplace.

Another fun fact from the article: Apple currently pays about $5 for the labor required to assemble each iPhone. This would of course be impossible if the item were produced in the States. But that's the catch-22: if these amazing little pocket computers were U.S. made and sourced, they'd be unaffordable for most, especially since they ring up at $650 to $850 as it is. 

You can read (or listen to) the piece here. For us, it's another reminder that where our stuff comes from is not a black-and-white issue, but is fraught with numerous tradeoffs and considerations. Maybe one conclusion is relatively safe: for products that are less complex than iPhones and that use materials available nearby, domestic is probably better. But maybe even that is too difficult to say definitively. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
Aldan Shank
Aldan Shank


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