Confronting the Meaning of Sustainability

As our twitter followers may remember, NuBe Green attended (and live tweeted) the GoGreen conference last month. The conference provided an opportunity for businesses and government officials in Seattle to get together and discuss,debate and educate each other on issues of sustainability and green business practices.

From food production to transportation and building maintenance, the conference’s keynote speakers covered a diverse array of topics, all addressing the need for businesses and governments to commit to making sustainability a priority.

Most of our customers know that NuBe Green's mission is to find unique, hand-crafted products that are U.S made and sourced and sustainable. Sustainability is an integral part of NuBe's identity, but as speaker after speaker used the word, I began to wonder: what does "sustainability" really mean?

As the conference continued, and I was able to connect with other attendees, I realized I wasn't the only one struggling with understanding the concept of sustainability. For some, it meant certification and paperwork, others thought of it as an ideology driven to making everyday Earth Day. Everyone agreed, though, that sustainability is a necessary component of every responsible business--even if they couldn't define it themselves.

At NuBe, our dedication to the planet goes beyond recycling, carbon emissions, paper and energy consumption. We strive to be conscientious consumers, aware that our resources are not infinite. Does this make us a "sustainable" business, or is sustainability something else entirely? What does sustainability mean to you? 

We need to have these types of conversations, not so that we can gain a clearer understanding of the definition, but so that we can gain a clearer understanding of our next steps in protecting the environment. GoGreen sparked the conversation, but we hope that you will help us keep it going. 




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