Workshop Visit: Constellation & Co.

Take a quick peak into Constellation & Co's Pioneer Square, letterpress studio with our Q&A with founder Sara McNally.

NuBe: When did you first start selling with NuBe?

C&C: NuBe's first order with us was in August of 2012. It was one of our first wholesale clients, and it's always meant a lot to me! It's amazing to find stores like NuBe that believe in local artists are are willing to take a chance on a new company.
NuBe: How long have you been doing letterpress?
C&C: I got interested in letterpress while still in college in Florida. I bought my first printing press around 2006. It was just a little tabletop press, but I spent all my money ($100!) on it, and it's one of my prized possessions. When we moved to Seattle, we didn't have pillows or furniture, but we brought my little press!
I did a few workshops while in college, and took a letterpress at the School of Visual Concepts here in Seattle in 2009. I apprenticed with Rebecca fromMyrtle Alley Press with a year, and then set out on my own. In 2011, we bought our first full sized press, rented a tiny studio space in the Western building, and got started! So, to finally answer the question...5 years, give or take a little.
NuBe: What's your biggest inspiration?
C&C: Life, relationships, history. 
NuBe: Which machine is your favorite? Where did you get them? 
C&C: We've picked up equipment all over the place. From other printers, estate sales, Craigslist, Briarpress, you name it. I can't pick my favorite, they're like my children!
NuBe: Where else does your husband work? And when did you move her from Florida?
C&C: Brad is a designer who has worked all over the place, and blows my mind with his knowledge of the digital world. (I certainly went the other direction with my career!) He is currently working at Subsplash. We moved here in June of 2009. It's our 5 year Seattleversary! 
NuBe: How was your visit to New York? Did you win the card competition?! 
C&C: New York was incredible. We were in town to exhibit at the National Stationery Show. We met so many people, both buyers and fellow designers, and everyone was so sweet and encouraging! We didn't win the Best New Product award, but it was an incredible honor just to be a finalist our first year at the show. We walked away from the show with 11 new stores in 10 new cities. Quite a success!
NuBe: Just for fun: What are your summer plans and your fav. thing about Seattle? 
C&C: We love everything about living in Seattle! This summer we'll have a yard for the first time ever, so I plan to sit outside with a cup of cold brew and read...all summer. (With some trips, camping, and Sounder's games thrown in!)

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