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T.C. and Joel are probably the coolest craftsmen in Seattle. They make furniture and and kitchen goods from lath boards. Lath board is a thin strip of wood used behind walls in older homes.

Joel informed us that most lath in the Seattle area is old growth fir, logged in the Puget Sound area. This wood can be hundreds, possibly even a thousand years old. What’s even more unbelievable is that lath gets thrown out when homes are torn down! Joel and TC, however, salvage this wood, cleverly dubbing their project Goods From The Hoods.

Each one of their pieces is stamped with the neighborhood the wood is salvaged from and the original building date of the home.

Their butcher blocks are as beautiful as they are useful. Arranged to display the end-grain, their bold lines and intricate pattern stand alone as a piece of art itself. The block we currently have on display at NuBe is from a Queen Anne home built in 1920!

Joel also has a solo endeavor making wood tumblers. Using huge pieces of salvaged wood, he rounds, smoothes, and shapes rock-like structures.

Joel describes his designs;

"Tumblers aren't about straight lines and perfect circles. They are about good shapes and interesting patterns. Each one is an individual that has no twin. They are meant to be visually pleasing, but to fully appreciate one you have to get your hands on it. They invite tactile interaction—something I didn't anticipate when I started making them is how much of a part the sense of feel or touch was going to be to the process. The way a piece ends up feeling to the hand is just as important as how it looks to the eye."


More of Joel Sayre's pieces here!


Mike Pham
Mike Pham


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