Alchemy Goods | Seattle, WA
NuBe Artisan Since 2009
U.S. Made, U.S. Sourced, Recycled or Repurposed Material, Made by Hand.

Can you imagine one million bicycle inner tubes? I can’t either, but after visiting Alchemy Goods I can at least get close to 200,000—and that looked like a million to me! Next year, Alchemy plans to receive 400,000 of used, donated inner tubes to meet their goal of one million.

While medieval alchemists sought recipes to turn lead into gold, Alchemy Goods turns useless old inner tubes into exceptionally practical accessories: bags, belts, wallets, and cases. 

When we visited their Georgetown production site, all their employees were busy at their respective stations. One for inspecting the tubes for holes and slicing them open, one for cleaning, one for flattening, one for sewing, and one for quality control.

Alchemy not only has the ability to turn the useless into useful, but they also have the miraculous ability of productivity. It’s hard to imagine that this small team, fewer than 20 people, produces goods distributed around the world. One of our NuBe customers told me he saw their products while visiting Holland! We confirmed this with the Director of Sales and Marketing, Luke, and he informed me they distribute to The Netherlands as well as Canada, Australia, Chile, China, Mexico, New Zealand, and way more countries to list here! 





While Alchemy Goods is an obvious choice for cyclers, their products are relevant for anyone who lives in a rainy city. Not only does all of their gear come with a lifetime warranty, it's all waterproof as well.



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