Design Sponge

January 7, 2013
By Grace Bonney

Last weekend I found myself pulling a second throw on top of my sweatshirt and blanket on the couch...

My landlord insists the heat is working fine, but I’m pretty sure my apartment building is heating-challenged. Thankfully, my cat doubles as a pretty efficient lap and foot heater, but I think I’m going to need an extra blanket or two to get through winter without wearing one of these 24/7. So this weekend I did some serious internet window-shopping and rounded up over 100 of my favorite blanket and throw options. From patterned and colorful designs to classic stripes and neutrals, there’s something in this group that’s bound to work for you. I wanted to get a wide range of materials, from wool and cashmere to basic fleece, so don’t worry if some of the prices are a little high; there are plenty that fall in affordable ranges, including a bright $4 blanket from Ikea. I narrowed this list down to my top 60, but you can view 50 more that didn’t make the final cut on my Pinterest board right here. Stay warm! xo, grace