Seattle Times
June 22, 2012
By Rebecca Teagarden

The Domestic Goddess has some goodies that you might consider giving as guests, or getting for your own guests, at this summer's weddings.

HERE COMES the you know who, here comes the you know who...What to do, what to do. One does so wish for one's wedding to be an event to remember, and not just via the monthly hi-howdy from your friendly credit-card company for the next 10 years. Oui?

We here at Goddess Central are always on the lookout for science to support our shopping ways. So here are the juicy bits from a recent study Weddings, in general, are smaller. Brides and grooms are paying more of the bill themselves ($10,000 to $20,000), but they're having more fun with it; one part formal and tradition, lots of parts simple and casual. Trend-worthy themes? Rustic and vintage. And, as such, events are quite DIY.

A good guest gives . . . A gift that is classic, timeless and useful. For this we need not stray from the traditional one tiny bit and hurt our brains athinkin', because the answer is towels. Buy towels. Everybody could use more and better towels. Why, the Goddess wishes somebody would buy her a set of towels to celebrate, say, Wednesday! Every Wednesday.

This set of natural Native Organic Pima Cotton Towels from all-things-sustainable Nube Green includes one towel each for face, hands and bath. Towels are absorbent, preshrunk and colorfast. $45 per set.

Mike Pham
Mike Pham