Seattle's Child
Feburary 5, 2011

Is using organic, natural, and eco-friendly baby products important to you and your family? If so, you couldn’t live in a better place. Seattle and it’s surrounds is home to a variety of stores that dedicated to the color green., an online green city guide created by people passionate about a sustainability, has rated local children’s stores on their “greenness” in hopes of connecting parents who care with merchants dedicated to sustainable products.

In the rating system, baby store greenness is calculated based on the following factors:

-The percentage of clothing sold which is produced from organic or natural fabrics -The percentage products other than clothing sold composed of only sustainable, toxin-free materials, -Relevant regional & industry-wide certifications pertaining to this business's environmental responsibility 

If a factor is not relevant for a particular store, or did not have sufficient data on a factor for a particular store, that factor is excluded from the calculation and the greenness rating for the store was is calculated based on the remaining factors:

NuBe Green Greenness: 8 out of 10 Organic & natural clothing: 40-69% Toxin-free products: 90-100% NuBe Green stocks goods made in the U.S. from U.S.-sourced repurposed and organic materials. The store also supports local artisans.