Daily Candy, Seattle

November 28, 2010 

In the market for earth-friendly finds? Art collector Ruth True’s carefully curated, sustainable selection of housewares, fashions, and toys (for kids and adults) will do the trick.

Color Newspaper Clutch Purse
Your fashion-forward sis will immediately recognize the font and design of The New York Times Style section, which has been transformed into a striking rectangular tote.


Metalsmith Boris Bally transforms reclaimed traffic signs into five-sided serving trays with a generous seventeen-inch diameter. For the head of household, choose between Caution Children (yellow and black), Speed Limit (black and white), Stop (red), or abstract designs in various colors.

Chain Gang Necklace

Ideal for the accessory obsessed, local design house Free Time Industries’s flattering necklace is made from scraps of leather. Cut into a single geometric pattern, the interconnected pieces (in black or tan) add up to one refined look.

Eco Dough

Scoop up some of the edible construction material for nieces and nephews who might be tempted to put toys into their mouths. Made with flour, salt, and food-grade oils, the dough comes in colors created using blueberries, red cabbage, paprika, or sweet potatoes.

Cozy Cuff

For the caffeine addict on your list, the felted wool cozies slip over to-go cups and replace wasteful cardboard sleeves. Bonus: The abstract floral design in magenta, gray, black, white, or blue doubles as a bracelet.